10 Best indoor plants of 2021

10 Best indoor plants

 Last updated April 2nd, 2024.

From numerous health benefits to satisfying your passion for interior design, indoor plants bring the extra bit of flair your house needs. However, with thousands of options to choose from, choosing the perfect house plants might prove to be a tedious task. Thankfully we have curated a mix of 10 different indoor plants that would flourish in any given conditions.

1.    Monstera

Monstera or the “Swiss cheese plant” is nothing short of a Pinterest celebrity. This popular plant has lush green leaves with distinctive holes that make a grand statement in any room. Monstera indoor plants can easily adapt to the size of different places and grow to fit wherever they are kept. Ficus Lyrata Fiddle Leaf Fig – Wholesale Plants (wholesale-plants.com.au)

2.    Kentia Palm

Being resilient is one of the key attributes of any indoor plant, and the Kentia Palm embodies that trait. With a narrow base and long sweeping leaves, the Kentia Palm is perfect for adding an aesthetic touch to a corner without taking up too much space.

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3.    Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is known by a variety of creative nicknames ranging from “Saint George’s sword” and “Mother-in law’s tongue”. This hardy plant is great for new plant parents as it requires very little to survive and is notoriously hard to kill. The snake plant also releases oxygen at night, making it a great plant to keep in your bedroom 

4.    Philodendron

With its dramatic heart-shaped leaves, the Philodendron is a popular choice amongst many. This plant is also very easy to care for and does not require any special treatment. If you can water it regularly and keep an eye on the sunlight levels, the Philodendron will flourish anywhere.

5.    Chamaedorea

If your home has a more elegant aesthetic, this is one of the best indoor plants for you. Nicknamed the “parlor palm”, this plant is tastefully arched for a sophisticated look. Easy to take care of, the Chamaedorea adds a bit of grace wherever you plant it.

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6.    Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s ivy is one of the most versatile and easy-to-maintain plants on this list. Full of low-hanging heart-shaped leaves, this indoor plant is ideal for adding some flair to a bookshelf or a window. Buy Now!!--- 

7.    Fiddle

If you are yearning for some tropical vibes, Fiddle is one of the best indoor plants for you. Hailing from Western Africa, the Fiddle plant has lyre-shaped leaves that can help you achieve a more tropical look for your house. Buy Now!---- Ficus Lyrata Fiddle Leaf Fig – Wholesale Plants (wholesale-plants.com.au)

8.    Peace Lily

The Peace Lily can add some extra Zen to your home. Instead of bright green foliage, the peace lily sports soft green leaves and year-round flowers. This indoor plant’s preference for shade makes it ideal for livening up dark corners of your home 

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9.    Bromeliad

Once regarded as a difficult plant to keep, the Bromeliad makes for a low-maintenance house plant. It thrives best when kept in medium to bright light and can survive with minimal watering. The only extra bit of care that you can extend to your Bromeliad is to choose a shallow pot with fast drainage, and your plant is set to thrive, Strelitzia Nicolai Giant Bird Of Paradise – Wholesale Plants (wholesale-plants.com.au)

10.                       Zanzibar Gem

This plant is not only downright stunning but is also rumored to be almost indestructible. Native to Africa, the Zanzibar Gem remains green and glossy even without regular watering making it a great option for someone who tends to neglect their indoor plants. 

Strelitzia Nicolai Giant Bird Of Paradise – Wholesale Plants (wholesale-plants.com.au)