10 Best Ways to Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive and Healthy

Last updated April 2nd, 2024.

Have you developed a liking for indoor plants over the summer? If you have indoor plants at home, you should know that plants need to be cared for instead of being decorative pieces if you want them to last long. This is why we have shared a few easy tips on plant care with you.

1.    Use good soil

Most indoor plants thrive when you add organic ingredients such as compost and rich soil to them. Good soil will also ensure that your plants grow quickly while lasting for a long time

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2.    Know the requirements of your plants

We know this might seem obvious, but many people fail to understand what their plant wants. If you have bought a plan, do your research on it. Usually, the research will include how much light and water the plant requires.

3.    Meet the plants' watering needs

Instead of watering all indoor plants together, observe and see which plants need more water and then water accordingly. For example, cactus doesn't need much water when compared with other indoor plants. Palms, Tropical and Indoor Plants – Wholesale Plants (wholesale-plants.com.au)

4.    Ensure availability of enough sunlight

When placing your plants indoors, ensure that sufficient sunlight flows in to help them grow naturally. Place the plants in a bright corridor with large windows, or place them near the window sill in your room. Palms, Tropical and Indoor Plants – Wholesale Plants (wholesale-plants.com.au)

5.    Check drainage holes regularly

If you don't opt for pots that have large drainage holes, you could damage the roots of the plants. Make sure that the drainage holes are large enough for the water to flow through and your plants' roots aren't sitting in water. Palms, Tropical and Indoor Plants – Wholesale Plants (wholesale-plants.com.au)

6.    Inspect the plants for proper maintenance

Once you have gotten indoor plants, it's necessary that you take care of them and maintain them. Don't skip watering them for long periods of time as they could die or start withering. Palms, Tropical and Indoor Plants – Wholesale Plants (wholesale-plants.com.au)

7.    Add some fertilizer to the soil

Adding fertilizer to your indoor plants now and then will ensure their growth. It will also improve how the soil works but allowing it to retain water in a proper manner. Palms, Tropical and Indoor Plants – Wholesale Plants (wholesale-plants.com.au)

8.    Avoid exposure to heat

Keep your indoor plants away from heaters and air ducts as the excessive heat will cause dehydration and wilting. Most indoor plants thrive well in a constant temperature, so placing them in an air-conditioned room wouldn't be a good idea either.Garden & Landscape Design – Wholesale Plants (wholesale-plants.com.au)

9.    Prune your plants

To maintain the health of your plants, you must prune them regularly and remove dead leaves and stems. Once you remove them, the plants will look groomed and aesthetically appealing.

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10.     Keep the plants in one spot

Instead of moving the plants from one place to another, it is ideal to keep them in one place. As some plants are delicate, repositioning them can damage their leaves, growth rate, and stem.