Syzygium 'backyard Bliss' Lilly Pilly




Syzygium 'Backyard Bliss' lilly pilly has become the must have screening option in recent years. Fast growing and dense with attractive small leaves. Naturally grows to around 6mt tall, but can be trimmed down to as low as 2mt.
It is psyllid resistant, so it doesn't get the pimply leaves that disfigure some varieties of Lilly Pilly. It also fruits less than other varieties. Although it is drought tolerant, it a good idea to apply mulch for the first summer. This keeps the root system moist and cool, and really helps your backyard bliss thrive and become well established in that first summer.
Good for the sun to part shade. Feed in spring to summer with an all-purpose fertilizer. Prune in late winter before the new growth starts, and tip prune at other times if desired to keep neat.

Excellent for screening. Trim the sides to maintain a narrow shape if required. Drought tolerant once established. During first summer water twice per week deeply at the roots, or as required.

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