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Waterhousea Floribunda (Weeping Lilly Pilly)

Discover the majestic beauty and versatility of Waterhousea Floribunda, commonly known as Weeping Lilly Pilly. This elegant ornamental tree is celebrated for its lovely weeping habit and glossy green foliage, providing a lush, year-round presence in any garden setting. Whether you want to create stunning hedges, shelterbelts, or focal points in your landscape, Waterhousea Floribunda from Wholesale Plants Australia is the ideal choice.

Appearance and Characteristics:

Foliage and Form: Weeping Lilly Pilly is renowned for its graceful, weeping branches that are adorned with glossy, dark green leaves. New growth often has a pink to reddish hue, adding seasonal interest and visual appeal. The tree produces small white flowers during summer, followed by decorative pinkish berries, further enhancing its ornamental value. For purchasing, visit Wholesale Plants Australia.

Growth Habit: Waterhousea Floribunda is a robust, fast-growing tree that can reach heights of 10-20 meters and spread up to 6-8 meters wide. Its weeping habit and dense foliage make it perfect for creating privacy screens, windbreaks, or striking garden specimens. The tree's adaptability to various soil types and conditions ensures it thrives in many Australian landscapes. Get your Weeping Lilly Pilly today from Wholesale Plants Australia.

Key Features:

  • Botanical Name: Waterhousea Floribunda

  • Common Name: Weeping Lilly Pilly

  • Plant Type: Evergreen ornamental tree

  • Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial shade

  • Flowering Season: Summer

  • Height: Can grow up to 10-20 meters

  • Growth Rate: Fast-growing

Why Choose Waterhousea Floribunda from Wholesale Plants Australia?

Exquisite Beauty: Waterhousea Floribunda offers year-round beauty with its lush, glossy foliage and delicate flowers. The weeping branches create an elegant silhouette, making it a standout feature in any garden. The tree's ornamental berries add a touch of color and interest, even in winter. Order now from Wholesale Plants Australia.

Versatile Landscaping: Ideal for hedges, privacy screens, windbreaks, and garden focal points, Weeping Lilly Pilly is highly versatile and can be used in various landscaping applications. Its dense foliage provides excellent coverage, while its fast growth rate ensures quick establishment. For all your ornamental tree needs, visit Wholesale Plants Australia.

Low Maintenance: Hardy and easy to care for, Waterhousea Floribunda requires minimal pruning and attention once established. Its robust nature ensures that it thrives with little intervention, making it suitable for both novice gardeners and busy homeowners. The tree is tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions and environmental factors, ensuring it thrives in diverse Australian climates. Shop Weeping Lilly Pilly at Wholesale Plants Australia.

Environmental Benefits: Weeping Lilly Pilly provides several environmental benefits, including erosion control on slopes and embankments, natural cooling and insulation when planted near buildings, and habitat creation for small wildlife such as birds and insects. Its ability to improve air quality by absorbing pollutants and releasing oxygen makes it a valuable addition to eco-friendly gardens. Enhance your garden’s ecosystem with plants from Wholesale Plants Australia.

Care Instructions for Waterhousea Floribunda:

Watering: Water regularly during the initial growing season to establish a strong root system. Once established, Weeping Lilly Pilly is relatively drought-tolerant, requiring less frequent watering. Maintain consistent moisture for optimal growth. For expert plant care tips, consult Wholesale Plants Australia.

Soil: Thrives in well-drained soil rich in organic matter. It can adapt to various soil types, including sandy, loamy, and clay soils. For best results, amend the soil with compost or well-rotted manure before planting. Ensure you get the best quality plants from Wholesale Plants Australia.

Pruning: Prune in late winter or early spring to maintain the tree's shape, remove any dead or damaged branches, and control its size. Regular pruning helps promote healthy new growth and keeps the tree looking its best. Additionally, trimming back overgrown areas can prevent the tree from becoming too invasive. Get your pruning tools from Wholesale Plants Australia.

Fertilizing: Feed your Weeping Lilly Pilly with a balanced fertilizer during the growing season to promote healthy, vigorous growth. A general-purpose slow-release granular fertilizer or a liquid feed applied monthly during spring and summer is ideal.

Planting Instructions: To plant Waterhousea Floribunda, choose a location with full sun to partial shade. Dig a hole twice the width of the plant's root ball and just as deep. Place the plant in the hole with the top of the root ball level with the soil surface. Backfill with the soil removed, firming it gently around the plant's roots. Water thoroughly after planting to settle the soil and eliminate air pockets.

Aesthetic and Functional Impact:

Garden Accent: Weeping Lilly Pilly is often used as a focal point in garden designs, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. Its weeping habit and glossy leaves create a striking contrast with other plants, making it an eye-catching addition to any landscape. Shop garden accents at Wholesale Plants Australia.

Cooling and Insulation: When planted near buildings, Waterhousea Floribunda can provide natural cooling by shading surfaces from direct sunlight, which helps to lower temperatures and reduce energy costs. In colder months, the dense foliage acts as an insulator, helping to retain heat and create a more stable indoor climate.

Privacy and Windbreak: The dense foliage of Weeping Lilly Pilly makes it an excellent choice for creating privacy screens along fences and property boundaries. Additionally, its fast growth and robust nature make it ideal for windbreaks, providing shelter from strong winds and reducing noise pollution.

Applications in Different Garden Designs:

Formal Gardens: In formal gardens, Waterhousea Floribunda can be pruned into neat, symmetrical shapes or used to create structured hedges and screens. Its lush foliage and elegant form make it a versatile choice for classic garden designs. For formal garden plants, explore Wholesale Plants Australia.

Cottage Gardens: In cottage gardens, the tree’s graceful weeping habit adds to the charming, informal feel. Its seasonal interest with flowers and berries complements other flowering plants and shrubs, creating a harmonious and picturesque landscape.

Modern Gardens: For modern garden designs, Weeping Lilly Pilly can be used to create sleek, contemporary hedges or as a standout specimen tree. Its striking foliage and elegant form add a touch of sophistication and style to any space.

Customer Success Stories:

Hear from some of our satisfied customers who have transformed their spaces with Waterhousea Floribunda from Wholesale Plants Australia:

  • "Our property’s privacy screen has been beautifully enhanced with Waterhousea Floribunda we ordered from Wholesale Plants Australia. The delivery was prompt, and the plants were in excellent condition. We love the elegant weeping branches!" - Lisa, Sydney.

  • "Wholesale Plants Australia’s Weeping Lilly Pilly was the perfect addition to our garden. We planted it as a windbreak, and it’s provided excellent shelter and looks fantastic. The customer service was outstanding." - Tom, Brisbane.

  • "The lush foliage of Waterhousea Floribunda from Wholesale Plants Australia has added a touch of elegance to our modern garden design. It's easy to care for and grows quickly. Highly recommend!" - Emily, Melbourne.

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Whether you're looking to create stunning hedges, add elegant garden accents, or improve your landscape's functionality, Weeping Lilly Pilly from Wholesale Plants Australia is the perfect choice. Visit our site today to explore our extensive range of premium plants and discover the many benefits of shopping with us.

Please see images above which show the before, after and post planting results. 

1. How to determine which planting package suits my garden?  Measure the length of garden bed or fence line that you want to cover.

2. Planting out your hedge garden is easy, the quantities are based off a average measurement to allow a 600mm spacing between each plant. Use this as a guide to space out your plants, there is no wrong way to plant out a garden, be creative with the layout and have fun.

3. For all custom sized gardens orders or planting questions please contact our team: 



Plants included in 01 package: (5 metres in length)


 8 x 14cm Waterhousea Floribunda Weeping Lilly Pilly


Plants included in 02 package: (10 metres in length)


 16 x 14cm Waterhousea Floribunda Weeping Lilly Pilly


Plants included in 03 package: (20 metres in length)


  32 x 14cm Waterhousea Floribunda Weeping Lilly Pilly

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