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Coastal Plant Package - Plant Packages Australia 

Planting made easy! No landscape design required, creative planting packages ready for you!

1. How to determine which planting package suits my garden?  Measure your garden bed areas by measuring each garden bed by (length x width). Add all of your garden beds together to get a total metre squared area. Example( 5 metres in length by 10 metres wide equates to 50 metres squared of area (m2)  

2. Planting out your native garden is easy, the quantities are based off a average measurement to allow a 300mm spacing between each plant. Use this as a guide to space out your plants, there is no wrong way to plant out a garden, be creative with the layout and have fun.

3. For all custom sized gardens orders or planting questions please contact our team.


Plants included in 01 package: (25m2)

1 x Banksia integrifolia 14cm 

4 x Allocasuarina verticillata Drooping Sheoak 14cm 

1 x cushion bush 14cm

6 x Correa alba 14cm 

22 x Kennedia prostrata Tube stock 

4 x Delosperma cooperii Tube stock 

15 x Senecio serpens Blue Chalksticks Dwarf 14cm 

3 x Carex testacea 14cm 

25 x Dichondra repens 5cm Tube Kidney Weed  


Plants included in 02 package: (50m2)

2 x Banksia integrifolia 14cm 

8 x Allocasuarina verticillata Drooping Sheoak 14cm 

2 x cushion bush 14cm

12 x Correa alba 14cm

44 x Kennedia prostrata Tube stock 

8 x Delosperma cooperii Tube stock 

30 x Senecio serpens Blue Chalksticks Dwarf 14cm

6 x Carex testacea 14cm

50 x Dichondra repens 5cm Tube Kidney Weed


Plants included in 03 package: (100m2)

4 x Banksia integrifolia 14cm 

16 x Allocasuarina verticillata Drooping Sheoak 14cm

4 x cushion bush 14cm 

24 x Correa alba 14cm 

88 x Kennedia prostrata Tube stock

16 x Delosperma cooperii Tube stock

60 x Senecio serpens Blue Chalksticks Dwarf 14cm 

12 x Carex testacea 14cm 

100 x Dichondra repens 5cm Tube Kidney Weed


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