Balcony Potted Planting Package




Balcony Planting Package 

Planting made easy! No landscape design required, creative planting packages ready for you! 

 1. For all custom sized gardens orders or planting questions please contact our team 

* Pots are not included, for further details on these pots please visit: Garden Pots Sydney | Outdoor Pots, Designer Pots - The Balcony Garden, Sydney NSW

* Some plants may vary in size/specie depending on the stock levels, see below for current plants within this order.


Plants included in 01 package: (Complete Package)

 1 x Acer Japanese Mapel 14cm

1 x Blechnum Silver Lady 14cm

2 x Liriope royal purple 14cm

1 x schefflera Alpine Jr 14cm 

1 x Alocasia Macrorrhiza 20mm

2 x Fatsia Japonica 14cm 

2 x Peperomia Polybotrya 14cm



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