How to Start Your Own Herb Garden 2024

Last updated 28/05/24

Starting a home herb garden is a rewarding way to enjoy fresh, flavorful herbs year-round. Not only do they enhance your culinary creations, but they also add greenery to your space. Discover easy tips to begin your herb garden, and find quality herb plants and supplies at Wholesale Plants.

Choosing Herbs to Grow

Select herbs that suit your cooking preferences and growing conditions.

Top Herbs to Start With: 1. Basil: A flavorful herb essential for Italian dishes.

  • Care Tips: Requires full sun and regular watering. 2. Mint: Versatile for teas, desserts, and savory dishes.
  • Care Tips: Thrives in partial shade; keep soil moist. 3. Rosemary: Adds a fragrant touch to roasts and stews.
  • Care Tips: Needs full sun and well-drained soil. 4. Parsley: Great for garnishes and nutrient-packed dishes.
  • Care Tips: Prefers full sun to partial shade and moist soil.

Planting and Care Tips

Proper planting and ongoing care are crucial for a thriving herb garden.

Container vs. Ground Planting

  • Containers: Ideal for small spaces and can be moved easily.
  • Ground Planting: Better for larger herb gardens and perennial herbs.

Soil Preparation and Fertilization

  • Soil: Use well-draining soil rich in organic matter for containers and beds.
  • Fertilizer: Apply a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer every few weeks.

Watering and Sunlight Requirements

  • Watering: Herbs need consistent moisture but avoid overwatering; most prefer to dry out slightly between waterings.
  • Sunlight: Most herbs require 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day.

Harvesting and Maintenance

Regular harvesting and maintenance keep your herbs healthy and productive.

Best Practices for Harvesting Herbs

  • Timing: Harvest herbs in the morning when their essential oils are at their peak.
  • Method: Use scissors or pruning shears to cut stems just above a leaf node.

Pruning and Pest Control

  • Pruning: Regularly prune herbs to encourage bushy growth and prevent flowering.
  • Pest Control: Use natural pest deterrents like neem oil and insecticidal soap to manage pests.

Creative Herb Garden Ideas

Incorporate unique designs to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

Kitchen Windowsill Herb Garden

  • Concept: Grow culinary herbs within arm’s reach in your kitchen.
  • Plant Suggestions: Basil, parsley, chives, and thyme.

Balcony and Rooftop Herb Gardens

  • Concept: Utilize vertical space on balconies or rooftops to grow herbs.
  • Plant Suggestions: Oregano, sage, and cilantro.

Vertical Herb Gardens

  • Concept: Use wall-mounted planters or hanging pockets to create a vertical herb garden.
  • Plant Suggestions: Mint, rosemary, and dill.


Starting your own herb garden is an enjoyable and practical way to have fresh herbs at your fingertips. Whether you have a spacious backyard or a small apartment balcony, you can cultivate a thriving herb garden with the right tips and tools. Visit Wholesale Plants for a wide selection of herb plants and gardening supplies to get started.